The members of the groupe give also lessons in:

Overtone Singing (Hömii) and Undertone Singing (Kargyraa)
In our seminars for groups and individuals we are teaching the unique and fascinating singing techniques we use in our music, starting out with overtone singing. The art to be able to sing at least two tones simultaneously with one voice is learnable for any person who is able to speak. According to the capacity of the class we will continue with Höömii, the Mongolian type of overtone singing. The third technique is Kargyraa or undertone singing which enables the singer to transfer the desired tone down one octave. By doing this, a vibrating and mystic sound is generated.
Instructors: Naraa, Nasaa and Omid

The drumming class is mainly dedicated to oriental rhythms. Here the participants can dive into the wonderful world of rhythms through steps, clapping and by using a variety of drums. After this introduction the 'craft' will be taught on different drums, using simple rhythms and necessary coordination exercises as well as learning to play as a group.
Instructor: Omid